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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Savour Christmas | Exploring Food with CCSSians

Exploring food with the CCSSians at Savour Christmas - Restaurant food at affordable price

We were a little early and thus, most of the stalls are not ready yetSince we're early, we went to Jason's Supermarket pop-upThe real Christmas tree and heard this cost around $5k!Lots of chips for tastingBump into Alvin who is there for workHokkaido ice creamRoast duck from one of the stall in Jason'sSo yummy Janelle whack 3/4 of itOysters!Complimentary from Alvin =DRibs tooAll happily enjoying the ribs & oysters while waiting for AnthonyComplimentary from Alvin tooTiger Radler with Graprfruit. New, for tasting tooChocolatesBecause it was a cashless event, we went to top up some cash on the wristband when Anthony arrives. 

Some of the dishes we orderedRoast Pork. Soft & crackling skinFoie Gras48hrs Slow Cooked Angus BeefSmoked Duck popiahSquid Ink PastaPotato WedgesSausage BunStrong Bow ciderSome bird's nest dessertGambas Al AjiloBird Nest popsicleToo hot, so we went back Jason's foe airconPretty good experience but in my humble opinion, I feel the event should be spread longer instead of just a couple of days so that it won't be so crowded

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