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Sunday, 22 April 2012


It's been long time since I "housekeep" my face!

Since I'm free, I decide to do an overhaul on my face with the following:

Epoch (Nuskin) Glacial Marine Mud - This really deep cleanse ur face & tightens up ur skin! If u do a test on only half face, can really feel the difference & see tt it's actually brighter on the side which is "mud-ed"

Neutrogena's Hydrating Mask - I haven really try other brands, but I prefer this to Nuskin's Hydrating Mask cos its a little too creamy I find. This feels quite refreshing after using. 

Bio-essence's Sparkling Lift Eye Mask - First time using cos I found some in the drawer. Suppose to reduce dark circle but dunno if it works. Probably needs to use a few time a week! 

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