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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Sakae Sushi & Coffee Club

went for lunch in the afternoon & got stranded under a block quite a distance away frm home due to the sudden heavy downpour.. luckily i bought some activity book, stickers & a mulit-color crayon pen before we got stranded, we end up using the activity book to entertain him..

me & sis plan to bring to Daryl out at 4pm to west mall cos she wants to buy a pants frm Tom & Stephanie, but this little boy here fall asleep at 3.35pm when his mummy is taking a nap.. **kuang luang luang**

for some reason, we insisted of bringing him out for dinner, so i told sis to try to wake him up by changing his diaper since he haven change his diaper since we came back frm lunch.. so sis ask lzdbd(her maid) to change his diaper when he's sleeping, while she try talking to him.. 

guess wat? the moment my sis say "we go take train", he immediately wake up! and when i say "we go take bus", he reply "no, take train".. lol

thus we went taking small train (LRT) & big train (MRT) to Bukit Batok.. where sis bought 3 pants for herself, a lappie & a talking clock for Daryl before we met Kogu, Jenny, Kogu Jr & Mike for dinner at Sakae Sushi & heed down to IMM for a drk at coffee club

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