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Thursday, 20 November 2008

Laksa Steamboat Dinner

was on msn with Carol on Tue, and I told her I feel like eating steamboat, so she reply: "u wanna try Laksa Steamboat? I bring u go eat tomorrow"... after the chat, i cant wait for Wed to come cos i wanna try the Laksa Steamboat! 

and when wed finally come, alamak... i got headache lor.. beg for panadol frm collaegue & die die dun want to cxl the dinner plan.. hhahaha... but the panadol doesnt seem to work =( thank god Carol offered me her headache pill after dinner.. or else im sure i'll have to take mc today

anyway.. we took the "yuan-yang" pot jus in case i dun like the laksa base.. but.. the laksa steamboat was good i only ate frm the laksa side.. haha.. i like the sambal too.. but it can be quite costly cos its not buffet... 

but hor.. warning.. go only if u like laksa! or else it can be quite yucky 

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