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Monday, 15 July 2013

Cycling at East Coast Park

Mission of the day with the Voodoos - Learn to Cycle! 

I remembered I learnt how to cycle when I was in Sec 2 & did went East Coast Park for cycling once, but when I hop on a bicycle about 10ish years ago, I couldn't cycle! While having late lunch with the Voodoos the previous weekend, Cindy offered to coach me! 

I wore this pair of Adidas which I bought last year before going Vietnam & only wore it once at Sapa. Colleagues laugh at me for being exaggerating!    

I was the first to reach the meeting point - (New) McDonald's East Coast Park cos my office was pretty near. 

Not bad, they have an area for you to leash you pet while you eat. But honestly, I prefer my pet to be beside me =)

Ordered the new Rendang Burger Meal with Curry Fries & Rose Soda. I didn't use the Curry powder provided for the Fries cos I prefer it with chili+ketchup+black pepper. Rosa Soda taste just like the normal Rose syrup drink, but with bubble. Rendang Burger ain't fantastic also. Should have stick to my favorite McSpicy!

I choose to sit outdoor to enjoy the cool wind

Along the way, we saw a few guys flying kite. So pretty!

When everyone's here, we head to rent the bicycle! 

Rent our bicycles from Lifestyle Bike N Skate

All of them discussing who to coach me! =D

OK, pose first before lesson

One trainee, many trainers! hahahahahaha

Man, it's tough can?! @_@

Wanted to give up when I'm only into the 15th min, but they took turns to coach & standby my side in case I fall!  Finally after close to 30mins, I manage to cycle again after 25 years (!!!!!!!!!!), but still a little unstable at start point. 

Managed to cycle from Carpark C4 - E1 and stop at McDonald's. Didn't fall hard, but had a slight crash with a guy who is running with his friend & got a small scratch on my right leg. 

Quite shag after an hour, so Ivy, Angela & Spencer cycle back to return the bicycles while Whye Wan, Cindy & myself rested at McDonald's to wait for Eric before heading for dinner!

McDonald's East Coast Park
Block 1202, Seafood Centre, #01-01, 
East Coast Parkway S(449881)

Lifestyle Bike N Skate
East Coast Park Carpark 4
Address: 1030 East Coast Parkway
Tel: 64436675
Opening Hours : 9am - 10pm (Monday - Friday)
9am - 11pm (Eve of Public Holidays)
8am - 11pm (Saturday)
8am - 10pm (Sunday / Public Holiday)

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