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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Candice & Hazel's Birthday

It's the Multiply's January Birthday Babies Celebration again! This month, we're celebrating Hazel & Candice's Birthday. 

Cam-whoring with the 2 Korean girls is always the first thing I do if I hitch a ride from Eeling

Venue for celebration - 10| Scotts, Grand Hyatt

10 Scotts - Nice ambiance

Great place to gather a few girlfriends for afternoon tea & small talks

However ... ... ... ...

.... .... ...

... ...


It turn out to be something unexpected!

1.  Drinks - It took them almost 20 mins to serve the drinks. Also, with 3 glasses of Iced-tea, we were only given a small syrup jug which is only 1/4 filled with syrups. Second serving of Iced-tea, no syrup is given. Third round of Iced-tea, we were also given only 1/4 jug of the syrup. It took them close to 30 mins to serve a glass of ice water!

2. Food - We served with small bites. Do note that the above you see is the portion for 2 pax. It's refillable, but... ... ... the refill of the items takes forever to come! The waitress don't even bother to take note of our refill request. Wrong item were being refilled & the item which we requested for were not being served! 

2a. This is supposed to be Prawn & Celery salad, but it taste exactly like a "Tasteless Egg Mayo" to me! 

2b. Popiah is decent, but filling not even warm - asked for refill but it never come till we had to ask for it again when the waitress came to take the last order for drinks

2c. Salmon was good - asked for refill but it takes them almost 45 mins to serve!

2d. Crab Cake is decent - also, it took them almost 40 mins to refill!

2e. From the live station. That's almost all you find there! Peking Duck with little sauce, few tiny slices of duck meat & lots of cucumber; Quiche; Achar; Rice & Beef Rendang

2f. Thai styled Seafood Salad

2g. Sushi - takes them almost an hour to refill! 

2h. Desserts & fruits - That's also almost all you can find them at the live station

 2i. Scones were served after we were seated for almost 1.5hrs later!

Service standard is not what we expected from a 5-Star Hotel & I won't even consider going back there on a weekday! 

Friend is commenting that their service is good on weekday, thus the review is good. 

In my personal opinion:  "To be considered Good, you Must be Good on 365 days, including Weekends & Public Holiday" cos that's when more people will patronize them

Especially when they do take in reservation, you should have already known the total number of guest that will be patronizing their lounge for Hi-Tea and should check on your staffing. If you're short of staff, you should get things sorted out before the start of the day instead of running the shift with the limited amount of staffs on-floor thus compromising the service standard! 

For the price of $48++, it is definitely over-priced & over-rated with such service. 

Good thing I was there with a bunch of beautiful girls for Birthday celebration, thus making my mood happier!

Few more snaps here & there to lighten the mood

Opps.. what happen here? Angeline, why you bully Beverly? 

Thanks to Angeline for telling Beverly she wanna bring her home.. Beverly cried the moment I asked her of the strawberry is good

Group pix before Eeling zoom off

The 2 Misters!

Finally the Birthday Cakes for the January babies - Candice, Alyssa & Hazel
*Alyssa was grumpy cos she feels that her birthday is on 18 Jan 13. She's still young to adapt to the pre-birthday celebration I guess. 

Last snap before we head home... .. 

For those who are keen for Hi-tea at 10 Scotts, I would say... ... 
go at your own risk for poor service

10| Scotts
Grand Hyatt Singapore
10 Scotts Road

Opening hours
Monday to Sunday, Afternoon Tea: 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm 
Monday to Sunday, A La Carte and All-day cocktails: 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm

Please note that there are two restaurant seatings available for afternoon tea:
1st seating: 12:00 pm to 2:30 pm, 2nd seating: 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm


Unknown said...

I will mot want to go again with the service and food they serve .... I Feel Regent and Goodwood way better!

milkfrost said...

I agree! Shangri-la is good also..