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Sunday, 4 March 2012

On Set, filming 啊!是你到我家!

On set filming 啊!是你到我家!

Cuisine: Hong Kong style
Dish of the day: Roast Pork + Roast Pig; Braise Duck feet; Fried Glutinous Rice + Steam Bamboo Clam; Egg Tart

Quite a few hiccups:
1. Induction cooker (Bryan totally freaked out cos he has never cooked using induction cooker before!);
2. Roast Pork caught fire;
3. Roast Pig unable to roast & when put to oven, it wasn't grilled cos someone set it to "off"
4. Timing over-run & things in quite a mess! None of the dish is done when the judges arrived at 4pm!

Bryan was quite pissed & frustrated, but he still went on to get everything done! 

Verdict of the food:
1. Roast pork - alhough caught fire & become super burnt, the taste is still good, and the texture is good too!
2. Roast Pig - taste good, but skin very chewy
3. Braise Duck Feet - very nice! 
4. Fried Glutinous Rice - A little hard, but taste is nice
5. Bamboo Clam - very nice! 
6. Egg Tart - crust taste like biscuits, but custard too sweet

Overall result? 

Sigh... ... Unfortunately, we didn't win lah =(

But we had so much fun working with Bryan, and it was a good experience! I hope he had fun working with us too! *according to him, of all the 13 episodes, we're the nosiest & fun family to work with! 

This is the original piece of roast pork done by Bryan Wong before it gets burnt! (picture source from Bryan Wong's fb page) 

**screenshots grabbed from

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